Enhance Athletic Performance

Athletic performance is critical when pursuing a sporting dream , the need for your body to deliver power, speed and endurance. Whether you are doing tram laps at Jackson Hole, competing in a Crossfit competition or running a marathon you expect success because you have trained hard for that moment of personal glory.

Building a solid foundation during training starts with making sure that your body is as balanced as possible . Any structural imbalance due to compensation from an injury will cause your body not to perform at its optimum best. A twisted ankle, scar tissue from an ACL surgery, habitually tight hamstrings from over training will inhibit free flowing movement and lead to further compensatory patterns.

The benefits of my therapeutic bodywork and movement re-education will provide;

- More natural body alignment -

- Increased lung capacity = more oxygen available for every cell in the body - 

- Muscle groups and their output are more balanced -

- Motor coordination skills are enhanced -

Then your training will deliver the power, speed and endurance that you are striving for.