Enrich Your Yoga Practice

Yoga in all it’s forms is extremely popular in our modern culture as people seek an understanding of their own body through movement,meditation and a deepening of their breath. A desire to calm the mind in an increasingly stressful society is very desirable and in my experience essential to lead a healthy life. There is nearly always an underlying frustration with a part of oneself that doesn’t work be it physical or emotional (as if there is a separation)....

The new found body awareness from a dedicated yoga practice can be very liberating but then the student reaches a plateau as they find an old structural imbalance is again rearing it’s ugly head causing frustration and even pain. Probably one of the reasons they sought relief in yoga to begin with…… This is where Structural Integration can be so helpful by helping to bring the whole body back into balance by unwinding layers of distorted fascial layers that have arisen from years of compensatory patterns .

I have worked with accomplished yoga instructors and new students to help them move through their pain and discomfort thus enabling a deeper relationship with themselves and their practice. The Structural Integration process is very supportive and complementary to the study of yoga as each therapeutic session brings more ease of movement and a more connected breath …. The old frustrations that are held in the body are released as myofascial tissue is freed from patterns of distortion. The central nervous system becomes calmer as less energy is being used by the body to try and balance the imperfections of the past…..

As a Structural Integration practitioner I am always greatly honored to see and share in this transformative process…..

It is a very healthy exchange and helps my own yoga practice which in turn informs , balances and supports my bodywork……