A relative simple injury such as twisting your ankle or knee can throw the whole body out of alignment. The initial reaction is to avoid putting pressure onto the damaged joint(s) because it hurts and sets up a feedback loop to the brain to protect the joint from further injury . This then becomes an embedded compensatory pattern that will then cause the pelvis to be out of alignment causing further uneven weight distribution throughout the body. The myofascial connective tissue strains as it fights to counteract the structural imbalances which leads to more pain. 

A Certified Structural Integration practitioner can help to properly identify the patterns of strain in the fascia and then take you through a series of bodywork sessions to help bring your body back into alignment. Each session builds a platform for the next as your body slowly unwinds from the stresses of strain and counter strain. Intervention at the time of injury will help you rehabilitate more quickly and effectively as your balance returns.

An injury might require surgery immediately or a long term structural imbalance may cause your doctor to advise surgery. The important factor is to be able unwind the patterns of strain through the Structural Integration process preferably before surgery. Quite often the surgery can be avoided as the chronic pain is released and self care exercises help to keep you in alignment thus moving more freely. When surgery has to happen then receiving Structural Integration sessions will help you to rehabilitate more effectively. So it is important to understand how I can help you at all stages of your healing.