My  lifetime journey has been to find solutions for the relief of stress, chronic pain and emotional trauma and provide effective, long lasting treatment strategies to help you live with more ease, free from pain and maintain an active and healthy lifestyle.

The goal of my therapy is to bring more physical, mental, and emotional freedom to each of my clients. I help you connect to your own resilient nature.

My therapeutic bodywork is built upon the study and practice of Dr. Ida Rolf’s Structural Integration and method of working with fascia (connective tissue), the pioneering BioDynamic Cranial Sacral Therapy of Franklyn Sills and the research of Dr. Peter Levine, founder of the Trauma Institute.

The treatment I offer uses an intelligent touch, beginning with reducing stress on the nervous system to restore the body to a more balanced state thus enabling any structural issues to be resolved more effectively.

For example, you may have an old injury causing severe sciatic pain which in turn leads to a lack of sleep thus further stressing the body’s ability to cope and function with daily life.

We explore the reasons why the pain keeps returning. Quite often these are maladaptive and habitual movement patterns that your body has adopted over time in an effort to cope but no longer have a place in the present. Memories from stressful periods or traumatic events in your life are stored in the body and will further drain your vitality.

Releasing restrictions in the fascia, muscles, viscera and the peripheral nervous system through therapeutic bodywork will help with misalignment of your skeleton, improve your posture, help your digestion and free the residual memories that are holding you back from moving forward.

I also teach breath and movement exercises helping you to have a greater self awareness so you are less likely to return to these old, restrictive habits.

Each treatment session invites more freedom of movement, restoring your health and enjoyment of life. We will renew your body’s capacity for self-repair.

A key factor in restoring your health is empowering you to be able to help heal yourself.

Safe, effective healing

Be well, live passionately